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Grupo SLC

The history of Grupo SLC began over 70 years ago, and it has stood out as a result of its pioneering efforts and the high-quality standards of its products and services. Grupo SLC is closely linked to the development of different regions of Brazil, and it is recognized for its actions guided by an ethical and respectful relationship to all audiences.

Continuously looking for new opportunities, Grupo SLC operates in different market segments. In addition to SLC Alimentos, these companies are also part of the Group: SLC Agrícola, Ferramentas Gerais, and SLC Comercial.

SLC Agrícola is one of the major cotton, soy and corn producers of Brazil. It is also the first agriculture open company in the world, a reference in the industry. It has 14 production plants in six states of Brazil, with 394,000 hectares (974.000 acres) of planted area.

Ferramentas Gerais is the national leader in supplies destined to Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) for several manufacturing and service segments. It has more than 1,000 direct suppliers, offering 130,000 items in its product catalog.

SLC Comercial is a John Deere’s authorized dealer with 10 business units in Rio Grande do Sul, including 112 cities in the Northeast region of the state. The company trades harvesters, tractors, planters and sprayers, and it aims at offering technological solutions according to the customer requirements. Besides its portfolio of agriculture mechanization products, it has a department of spare parts and specialized technical assistance.

For more information, please visit: www.slc.com.br


SLC Alimentos

Present in the domestic market since 2000, SLC Alimentos is of the largest companies in the rice and beans industry. It operates in the manufacturing and commercialization of rice, beans and lentils, offering a complete and distinct product line developed with state-of-the-art technology. To ensure superior quality, the company applies a unique control process to the acquisition of raw grains and to all of production steps, in addition to using its own quality assurance system to guarantee the well-known excellence of its products.

Namorado is the main brand of SLC Alimentos due to the quality of its line of products, and it gained the preference of consumers because rice is always fluffy and beans offer a uniform cooking and thick sauce, keeping the same standard all year long.

To meet the demands of different types of customers, our portfolio is complemented by these brands – Namorado Gourmet, Butuí, Bonzão, and Americano.

Based in Porto Alegre/RS, SLC Alimentos is present throughout the national territory, and it exports to more than 20 countries. Aware of market trends, the company has production plants in Alegrete/RS, Capão do Leão/RS, Jaboatão dos Guararapes/PE, Paraíso do Tocantins/TO and Tatuí/SP, and distribution centers in Brasília/DF, Conceição do Araguaia/PA, Fortaleza/CE, Jandira/SP, Porto Alegre/RS and Simões Filho/BA, all strategically located.

To cover all target markets, our products are sold in the major supermarket chains, retail stores and in sets of food supplies. By operating according to specific guidelines, Grupo SLC acts consistently in the sustainable development of all of its plants, and takes part in social responsibility projects.

SLC Alimentos is always looking for innovative processes to make products that are more attractive and offer better quality to satisfy a qualified and demanding market.