Acquisition, production and marketing of food.

SLC Alimentos can operate in any of the three links in the chain in search of competitiveness and profitability and, at times, it can operate in more than one of them at the same time. The broad scope based on “food” is justified as it allows the company to produce both commodities and higher added value products. Therefore, our company works towards these two alternatives, and eventually it may combine products from its current strategy (commodities) to products that represent stronger market trends (added value).


To be recognized as the most competent and reliable food management Brazilian company.

We make an effort to respond to the desire to strengthen the leadership, an important feature of the SLC Culture. We believe that being “proud” of our business may also arise out of a SOLID and RESPECTED company.


Action and business conduct guidelines, both internal and external guidelines (in the market).

  • People: Fulfilled staff (people are committed, quali?ed and their talents are recognized);
  • Customers: Overcoming customer expectations (a challenge and an achievement goal for our personnel and our company);
  • Partners: Building productive and long-lasting relations (excellence in products and services);
  • Community: Being a benchmark (an example of ethics and social responsibility with its stakeholders);
  • Shareholders: Monetizing investments (ensuring sustainable results);


Our company is committed to excellence and seeks recognition by the quality of our products and services and by our ethic relationships

We want to build a reputation according to our company’s Vision and Values, and we hope to be renowned for it. Our investment and work must be rewarded.