Environmental Responsibility

Small Thermoelectric Power Plant

Small Thermoelectric Power Plant - Capão do Leão/RSIn May/2012, SLC Alimentos, concerned about environmental impacts and looking for ways to lower costs of electric energy and freight for the disposal of rice hulls, implemented in its Capão do Leão/RS facilities a Small Thermoelectric Power Plant (PCT, Pequena Central Termoelétrica), with the capacity to produce up to 4.1 MWh of power by burning the rice hulls generated in the internal production processes.

This PCT generates enough power to fuel the entire Capão do Leão/RS plant, and it still has a carryover for commercialization. Today it has 23 employees.



Waste Handling and Disposal Collection

Our company has adopted a proper waste handling as a way of establishing an internal recycling system. The waste bins are color-coded according to the international recycling standards, which makes their identification easier for garbage disposal.


Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant - Capão do Leão/RSThe Water Treatment Plant (ETA, Estação de Tratamento de Água) is supplied by artesian wells since September 2011. The water goes through a series of physical and chemical procedures, in order to make the water fit for industrial purposes, specifically for procedures such as pre-cooking parboiled rice and cooling down vapor condensation towers during electric power generation. Consequently, this plant is self-sufficient in providing water for its own procedures.



Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant - Capão do Leão/RSAt the Sewage Treatment Plant (ETEL, Estação de Tratamento de Efluentes), every effluent generated by any industrial procedures is treated, as well as the effluent of septic tanks. This Treatment consists of a combination of physical, chemical and biological procedures, which minimize the organic waste load and sewage emissions before dumping them in bodies of water. After that, treated water can be used to clean sidewalks, streets, industrial gas washers, watering plants, etc. It is operating since September 2011.